The Age of

the Network

Organizing Principles for the 21st Century

A new book by

Jessica Lipnack


Jeffrey Stamps

Organizations and managers across the globe are embracing what has been called "horizontal management," the "virtual corporation," and the "modular enterprise." Few companies, however, are enjoying a high degree of success in rapidly reshaping their organizations to meet the challenges of fast-paced change and tenacious competition. In contrast, The Age of the Network offers leaders, managers, and teams a new, practical view of how to think about their company and reinvent it without losing the value and knowledge that's imbedded in the current organization.

Based on proven concepts developed by the authors and employed in organizations such as Hyatt Hotels and Malcolm Baldridge award winner Eastman Chemical, The Age of the Network reveals how today's leaders can create organizations and teams that are defined by speed, agility, and a web of interconnected relationships. From Eastman Chemical's "pizza and pepperoni" organization to Al Gore's National Performance Review, leaders are learning the incredible value of creating "links" inside and outside their organization.

The Age of the Network delivers a rich array of advice and insights for starting the vital process of creating a networked enterprise. Lipnack and Stamps show managers how to focus on five essential teamnet (networks of teams) principles which include establishing a clear purpose and creating communication links. Next, they offer a guided tour describing how organizations can turn these principles into practice and evaluate their real potential for creating a networked organization.

Leaders are challenged to create "islands of trust" through the careful design and development of networked teams. This new "social capital" will be essential to maintaining the critical connections in every networked organization. Lipnack and Stamps also offer a glimpse of the future in the current trends driving change in almost every enterprise. Their advice on navigating rapid change will give leaders new insights on sustaining their networked organizations well into the 21st century.

Table of Contents

Publication date: November 1994
Hardcover, 250 pages, $24

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Essex Junction Vermont 05452
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