Advance Praise for

The Age

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"A very stimulating, visionary account of how networks and networking are organizational structures and processes of the future."

Edgar H. Schein
Sloan Fellows Professor of Management Emeritus, MIT,
Sloan School of Management

"A great book on how to go about building a strong and entangled web of relationships -- person-to-person or organization-to-organization. It shows, using brilliant examples of success, just how to add network structure while preserving the best elements of tried-and-true styles, e.g. hierarchical and bureaucratic. Learn how to connect, catalyze, and create teams that work at whole new levels of capability. It's already proven successful in reinventing government and can make a world of difference in businesses large and small."

Dr. Harry J. Saal
President and CEO, Smart Valley, Inc.

"Networking -- practical, down-to-earth, easily understood descriptions of how others have obtained a competitive edge."

William R. Johnson
General Manager, Networking Hardware Division, IBM

"Collaborative advantage is the wave of the future; Lipnack and Stamps show how to catch that wave and ride it triumphantly. With memorable wit and wisdom, their book provides numerous valuable lessons for the challenging changes ahead: how to see further by sitting on boundaries, organize teams that really get something done, and loosen hierarchies without losing control.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Harvard Business School, Author of WHEN GIANTS LEARN TO

"In our business at The Acacia Group, the concepts of shared leadership, trust, cross-functional teams and networks are major catalysts to achieving competitive advantage. The principles found in THE AGE OF THE NETWORK are right-on."

Charles T. Nason
Chairman and CEO, The Acacia Group

"The opportunity of a lifetime -- all in one extraordinary book. Common purpose, vision, independence, leadership -- the future is at hand. Networks are the vehicle; customer satisfaction is the result."

Gary E. Wheeler, FASID
President, American Society of Interior Designers

About the Authors

Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps are co-founders and principals of The Networking Institute, a consulting company specializing in organizational networks. Founded in 1982, TNI helps people work together better across boundaries_, including geographic, organizational, corporate, industrial, and government boundaries. The company has a global reputation for its work with corporate, nonprofit, and grassroots networks. Clients include organizations such as Vice President Gore's National Performance Review, the United Nations, AT&T Universal Card Services, Hyatt Hotels, KPMG Peat Marwick, CSC Index, Steelcase, The Acacia Group, and British Petroleum Exploration.

Frequently on the speaking podium for groups such as the World Future Society, Jessica and Jeff also co-authored The Teamnet Factor: Bringing the Power of Boundary Crossing into the Heart of Your Business (Oliver Wight, 1993), The Networking Book: People Connecting with People (Viking Penguin, 1986), and Networking: The First Report and Directory (Doubleday, 1982). Between helping the federal government reinvent itself and conducting highly acclaimed workshops, Jessica and Jeff enjoy their own private network, including two daughters, located in West Newton, Massachusetts.

To contact them directly:
The Networking Institute, Inc.
505 Waltham Street
West Newton, Massachusetts 02165
Tel: 617.965.3340 - Fax: 617.965.2341
Email: or

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