A venture of Dow Jones & Co. and AEGON USA to provide a single national source of comprehensive on-line real estate information and analysis designed to effectively standardize the process for the trading, rating, securitizing, and valuing of commercial real estate.

Improved Analytics for Real Estate Investments

The goal of Teleres is quite simple: to make price discovery and liquidity available to real estate on the normal and timely basis currently found in other capital market investments. Institutions need to be as value-informed about their own commercial real estate related investments as they are about stocks, bonds, or residential CMOs.

Decision Support Systems

The products of Teleres are tightly interlinked. Each functions as its highest and most sophisticated level when drawing upon the capacity of the others.

The general product categories include market forecasting, property and portfolio valuation, investment analysis and structuring, news and trading. In addition, Teleres will provide "convenience" products in the Basic Services Package to provide standard indices and information on-line. This process is entirely electronic and can be executed from ordinary desktop computers.

New Technologies

Collecting comprehensive data about all aspects of commercial real estate is meaningless without the commitment and resources to transform this raw data into valuable information and to distribute it quickly world-wide. Teleres distribution system is built on top of the Dow Jones unsurpassed world-wide networks which reliably carry time-critical investment information to nearly a quarter of a million users daily. Teleres products employ the latest information systems technology providing both the advanced analytic techniques needed to sift volumes of data for key patterns and information and the infrastructure to smoothly connect the userís personal computer and local area nets into Teleresí world-wide system.

The Teleres Partners

For further information, contact:
666 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10103
Tel 212.621-9501 - Fax 212.688.0057

This material has been provided by Teleres and is presented here by The Arctos Group because it considers Teleres to be representative of an important trend in the real estate industry. The Arctos Group has no affiliation with Teleres and the presentation of this material does not represent any specific endorsements by or between Teleres and The Arctos Group.

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