Introduction to The Arctos Group

Information Strategies
for the
Real Estate Industry

In this era when information can make all the difference in making correct investment decisions, the financial services sector has developed a vast array of technological resources and tools to deal with an ever expanding sea of information.

Among the many financial services, the real estate industry has been slow to embrace these new technologies. And the providers of these technologies have been reluctant to address the complex and seemingly arcane needs of real estate as an investment specialty.

As a result, the real estate industry has continued to view information systems and technology as corporate overhead rather than as a unique opportunity to make better investment decisions, to increase responsiveness to changing market conditions, and to enhance investor satisfaction through better control of the risk and return equation.

With increasing integration of the global capital markets, the real estate industry is under considerable pressure to adopt tools and techniques akin to those applied to other asset classes.

The Arctos Group, through a fundamental understanding of the real estate investment process, assists its clients in the application of proven organizational structures and information technologies as an integral part of their business strategies.

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