Information Strategies
for the Real Estate Industry

Over the past decade, the position of chief information officer has appeared on more and more corporate organizational charts. Businesses have recognized that the information function extends beyond the accounting systems and desktop data analysis. Effective use of the information resource has become a core element of successful corporate strategy.

Because few real estate organizations can justify the cost of a full time professional information technology staff, this responsibility for the information function is frequently given to the chief financial officer or chief operating officer. But as technology becomes more complex and organizational demands for information become more pervasive, it is all but impossible for the corporate information function to be handled successfully as an adjunct responsibility.

The Arctos Group can bring the experience, the resources and the focus necessary to allow your organization to get better bottom line results from each dollar spent on information technologies.

Focusing on proven, off-the-shelf approaches used both in real estate and other industries, The Arctos Group can increase integration of the information function within your organization as well, bridging gaps between functional areas to help your company work smarter and more effectively.

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