The Old Bear
The Arctos Group

Will Roberts' alter ego, spirit fetish, and kindred creature is the great bear... sometimes a little worse for wear.

Even his friends know him as "The Old Bear" and you can send email to him as

No one has been able to count the number of bears in his home and in his office. These bears range from nineteeth century European carvings, to native American artifacts, to computerized toys, to framed art, to childhood teddybears.

Will holds degrees in Architecture and in Urban Planning. His career took him into the field of managing large portfolios of commerical real estate, which he did for almost 15 years until lured away to seek fame and fortune during the dot-com boom. (Cyber-space is not that much different than rental space in a lot of ways.)

Presently, Will is the driving force behind The Arctos Group, a firm which specializes in technology for the real estate investment industry.

To explain what The Arctos Group does, Will has published his brochure as a series of web pages, along with an entertaining explanation of how The Arctos Group got its name.

Or, if you prefer, here are a few places on Will's web site (and beyond) just for fun:

Read The Arctos Group brochure.

Discover the story behind the the name of The Arctos Group.

Learn who Will Roberts really is.

Visit the Old Bear's Secret Tequila Cave.

Here are Old Bear's Favorite Recipes

Challah is a wonderful sweet egg-bread. Here's how to braid it into a festive wreath.

Meet Mrs. Bear's family.

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