Potato Salad Almondine


Re-inventing the classic summer salad.


                1   pound                  small new potatoes

             1/2   pound                  haricots verts

                1   cup                      slivered almonds

             1/4   cup                      white-wine vinegar

             1/2   cup                      extra-virgin olive oil

                2                              lemons, juice of

                2                              shallots, minced

              2+   Tablespoons       Dijon mustard

                                                salt (to taste)

                                                black pepper (to taste)

             1/4   cup                      parsley, chopped

                4   large                    eggs, hard-boiled and quartered

                                                paprika for garnish     


1.   Boil potatoes until a knife comes out clean when inserted into skin.

2.   Trim ends of the haricots verts and blanch for 2 minutes in boiling water.  Remove and place in ice water to stop them from cooking.

3.   Toast almond slivers until light brown.

4.   Whisk together vinegar, oil, lemon juice, shallots, mustard and a sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper, to taste.

5.   Mix thoroughly with the potatoes, haricot verts, almonds, and parsley.

6.   Place quartered eggs on top of salad.

7.   Sprinkle with paprika, sea salt and pepper over the top, specifically seasoning the eggs.


      Recipe by chef John Fraser of Dovetail restaurant in New York City





                                                                                    Parade Magazine

                                                                                     May 18, 2008