February 28, 2004


Hi Ben!


Attached is a photo of the bread I made today.  It's called a "crown bread" and comes from the Cooking Essentials book I mentioned.  The book is for new cooks and this bread looks spectacular but is about as easy to make as any bread. 


You just make a simple whole-wheat dough (yeast, flour, salt, honey, and water) and after the dough has risen, you knead in some sunflower seeds. 

Then you cut the dough into eight pieces (just like cutting a pizza), flatten each piece into a circle and then shape them into balls.  You roll one ball is some wheat flour, two balls in sesame seeds, three balls in poppy seeds, and one ball in sunflower seeds.  Then you put the ball with the wheat flour in the center and arrange the other seven balls around it in a circular pan.  As it rises. the balls push against one another and make a single loaf.  After baking it and cooling it, the loaf can be broken apart into sandwich rolls as needed.


You mom and I bought a bread like this from the Anker Brot bakery in the train station in Vienna, Austria when we were on our way back from Prague.  (We used it to make sandwiches on the trip.)  I remember it as  one the best breads I've ever enjoyed.  It's very, very nice to learn how to make it.


Anker Brot is a European version of Au Bon Pain only better.  They have 335 shops in Austria.