Crock Pot Mexican Lamb With Wine Sauce


                4                              lamb shanks
                1   cup                      red wine
             1/4   cup                      chili powder
             1/2   teaspoon             ground ginger
                1   teaspoon             ground cumin
                1   teaspoon             dried oregano
                2   cloves                 garlic, minced
             1/4   teaspoon             salt
                                                rice or tortillas

1.    Place lamb in crockpot with meaty ends down.

2.    In a small bowl, combine wine and all seasonings.

3.    Pour mixture over lamb shanks.

4.    Cover and cook on Low 7 to 9 hours or until meat is very tender. Remove meat from bones, discard bones.

5.    Return meat to liquid.

6.    Serve over rice or wrap in tortillas with salsa.


Serves 6